How to Screenshot Galaxy S7: A Handy Guide for Capturing Moments

Introduction to Screenshotting on Galaxy S7

In this digital era, capturing and sharing moments has become second nature to us. Whether it’s capturing a hilarious meme, preserving vital information, or saving a memorable conversation, screenshots have become indispensable. Today, I will guide you through the art of screenshotting on the popular Galaxy S7 smartphone, unlocking a myriad of possibilities right at your fingertips.

A. Overview of the Importance of Screenshots

Have you ever stumbled upon a valuable piece of information while browsing and wished you could save it instantly? Screenshots are a fantastic way to preserve content that you find useful or inspiring. Whether it’s saving an important email, capturing an error message for tech support, or preserving a recipe that caught your eye, screenshots allow you to keep a visual record of anything you come across.

B. Brief Introduction to the Galaxy S7 and Its Features

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a remarkable smartphone that boasts an array of cutting-edge features. With its crystal-clear display, lightning-fast processor, and impressive camera capabilities, it’s no wonder this device has captured the hearts of many. Crafted to deliver a seamless user experience, the Galaxy S7 provides multiple methods for capturing screenshots, ensuring that you can effortlessly capture and share the content that matters to you.

Now that we understand the significance of screenshots and have acquainted ourselves with the Galaxy S7, let’s dive into the different methods available for capturing those precious moments.

Understanding the Different Methods for Screenshots on Galaxy S7

A. Using the Hardware Buttons

Are you ready to master the art of screenshotting on your Galaxy S7? One of the simplest and most widely used methods involves utilizing the hardware buttons on your device. Let’s explore how you can capture screenshots effortlessly with just a few taps.

1. Step-by-Step Guide for Using the Power and Volume Down Buttons

To capture a screenshot using the Power and Volume Down buttons, follow these easy steps:

  1. Locate the content you want to capture on your Galaxy S7 screen.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button.
  3. You will hear a satisfying camera shutter sound and see a brief animation, indicating that the screenshot has been successfully captured.
  4. To access the screenshot, navigate to your Gallery app or the “Screenshots” folder in your device’s storage.

B. Utilizing Palm Swipe Gesture

Did you know that your Galaxy S7 comes equipped with a nifty feature called Palm Swipe Gesture? This innovative method allows you to capture screenshots by simply swiping your hand across the screen. Let’s explore the benefits and learn how to enable and use this convenient feature.

1. Explanation of the Palm Swipe Method and Its Benefits

The Palm Swipe Gesture feature utilizes the front-facing camera of your Galaxy S7 to detect your hand movements. By swiping the edge of your hand across the screen, you can effortlessly capture screenshots without pressing any buttons. This hands-free approach offers a quick and convenient way to grab screenshots, especially when your hands are occupied or you prefer touchless interactions.

2. Instructions on Enabling and Using Palm Swipe for Screenshots

To enable and use the Palm Swipe Gesture feature for capturing screenshots, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Galaxy S7.
  2. Scroll down and select “Advanced Features.”
  3. Tap on “Motions and Gestures.”
  4. Enable “Palm Swipe to Capture” by toggling the switch to the right.
  5. Once enabled, go to the screen you want to capture.
  6. Place the edge of your hand vertically on either side of the screen and swipe across it horizontally.
  7. Your screenshot will be captured, and you can find it in the Gallery app or the “Screenshots” folder.

With these straightforward methods at your disposal, you can effortlessly capture screenshots on your Galaxy S7. Now that you’ve learned the basics, let’s explore some additional techniques and features that can enhance your screenshotting experience.

Exploring Additional Techniques for Capturing Screenshots

A. Using the Assistant Menu

The Galaxy S7 offers a remarkable feature called the Assistant Menu, designed to enhance accessibility and provide convenient shortcuts for various functions, including capturing screenshots. With the Assistant Menu, you can easily navigate through your device and access essential features with just a few taps.

1. Introduction to the Assistant Menu Feature

The Assistant Menu is a floating icon that hovers on your screen, providing quick access to a range of functions. To activate it, go to Settings > Accessibility > Interaction and dexterity > Assistant menu. Once enabled, a small floating icon will appear on your screen, allowing you to access the Assistant Menu with a single tap.

2. Step-by-Step Instructions on Activating and Utilizing Assistant Menu for Screenshots

To capture a screenshot using the Assistant Menu:

  1. Tap on the floating Assistant Menu icon.
  2. A menu will appear with various options. Tap on the “Screenshot” button.
  3. The screen will flash briefly, indicating that the screenshot has been captured.
  4. You can find your screenshots in the Gallery app or the Screenshots folder in the Gallery app.

B. Employing Third-Party Apps

While the Galaxy S7 provides built-in screenshot capabilities, you may also explore third-party apps for additional features and customization options. These apps offer unique functionalities that can enhance your screenshotting experience on the Galaxy S7.

1. Overview of Third-Party Screenshot Apps Available for Galaxy S7

There are numerous third-party screenshot apps available on the Google Play Store for the Galaxy S7. Some of the popular options include Screenshot Easy, Super Screenshot, and Screen Master. These apps offer features like scrolling screenshots, annotation tools, image editing capabilities, and easy sharing options.

2. Recommended Apps and Their Features

If you are looking for a comprehensive screenshot app, Screenshot Easy is a fantastic choice. It offers a user-friendly interface, advanced editing tools, and the ability to capture scrolling screenshots. For those who prefer simplicity and quick sharing options, Super Screenshot provides a seamless experience with its intuitive interface and easy sharing to various platforms.

By exploring the Assistant Menu and leveraging third-party apps, you can unlock a plethora of possibilities when it comes to capturing and customizing screenshots on your Galaxy S7. Experiment with these techniques to find the method that suits your needs and makes capturing screenshots a breeze.

Customizing and Editing Screenshots on Galaxy S7

Capturing screenshots on your Galaxy S7 is just the beginning. To truly make those moments shine, you have the power to customize and edit your screenshots with ease. Let’s explore how you can access, manage, and enhance your screenshots on the Galaxy S7.

A. Accessing and Managing Screenshots

1. Locating the Screenshot Folder on Galaxy S7

Once you’ve taken a screenshot on your Galaxy S7, you might be wondering where it’s stored. Fret not, as finding your screenshots is a breeze. Simply open the Gallery app on your device and navigate to the “Screenshots” folder. There, you will find all the screenshots you’ve taken neatly organized for your convenience.

2. Managing and Organizing Screenshots

As your collection of screenshots grows, it’s essential to keep them organized. Galaxy S7 offers various ways to manage your screenshots efficiently. You can create folders within the “Screenshots” folder to categorize your screenshots based on different themes or purposes. To do this, simply long-press on a screenshot, tap on the “Move” or “Copy” option, and select the desired folder. This way, you can quickly locate and access specific screenshots whenever you need them.

B. Editing Screenshots

1. Introduction to Built-in Editing Options on Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S7 comes equipped with built-in editing options that allow you to enhance and personalize your screenshots. Once you’ve located the screenshot you wish to edit, tap on it to open it in the Gallery app. From there, you can access the editing tools by tapping on the edit icon (usually represented by a pencil or brush symbol).

2. Step-by-Step Guide on Editing Screenshots Using Native Tools

The native editing tools on the Galaxy S7 offer a range of options to customize your screenshots. You can crop the image, adjust brightness and contrast, add filters, draw or write on the screenshot, and even add stickers or emojis to make it more expressive. Experiment with these features to create screenshots that truly reflect your unique style and vision. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, don’t forget to save your edited screenshot to preserve your masterpiece.

With the ability to access, manage, and edit your screenshots effortlessly, the Galaxy S7 empowers you to make your captured moments truly shine. Let’s move on to the next section and explore common troubleshooting tips to ensure a seamless screenshotting experience.

Troubleshooting Common Screenshot Issues on Galaxy S7

A. Screenshots Not Saving Properly

Have you ever experienced the frustration of taking a screenshot on your Galaxy S7, only to find that it hasn’t been saved? Don’t worry; this issue can be resolved with a few simple steps.

1. Possible Causes and Solutions

There are a few reasons why your screenshots might not be saving properly. Firstly, check if you have sufficient storage space on your device. If your storage is full, your Galaxy S7 may struggle to save new screenshots. To free up space, consider deleting unnecessary files or transferring them to an external storage device.

Another possible cause could be a temporary glitch in the system. Restarting your device can often resolve minor software issues and restore the proper functioning of the screenshot feature. Simply hold down the power button and select “Restart” from the options that appear.

If the problem persists, it might be worth checking if you have accidentally disabled the screenshot feature. Navigate to the “Settings” menu, select “Advanced Features,” and ensure that “Palm swipe to capture” or “Assistant Menu” is enabled, depending on your preferred screenshot method.

B. Difficulty in Capturing Screenshots Using Specific Methods

While the Galaxy S7 offers various screenshot methods, you may encounter difficulties with a specific method. Don’t fret; there are troubleshooting tips tailored to each screenshot method to help you overcome these obstacles.

1. Troubleshooting Tips for Each Method

If you are facing challenges with the hardware buttons method, ensure that you are pressing the correct combination of buttons simultaneously. Sometimes, pressing the buttons too quickly or too slowly can cause the screenshot to fail. Practice the timing and try again.

For those using the Palm Swipe Gesture, ensure that you are swiping your palm across the screen from one side to the other in a smooth and swift motion. If the gesture is not working, check if it is enabled in the “Advanced Features” settings.

If you are utilizing the Assistant Menu, make sure it is activated and properly configured. Access the “Accessibility” settings and enable the Assistant Menu. Adjust the settings within the menu to suit your preferences.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you can overcome common screenshot issues and effortlessly capture those precious moments on your Galaxy S7.


Capturing moments on your Galaxy S7 has never been easier, thanks to the multiple screenshot methods available at your disposal. From using the hardware buttons to employing the palm swipe gesture or exploring third-party apps, you have a range of options to suit your preference and needs.

In this guide, we have explored how to screenshot on your Galaxy S7, ensuring that you can save and share the content that captures your interest. Remember, screenshots are not limited to just preserving information; they also serve as handy tools for troubleshooting, sharing funny conversations, or even showcasing your high scores in games.

By mastering the art of screenshotting, you have unlocked a world of possibilities. Whether it’s saving an important document, capturing a memorable chat, or even sharing a funny meme with friends, the Galaxy S7 empowers you to effortlessly preserve and share moments that matter to you.

So, the next time you come across something worth saving or sharing, don’t forget to utilize the screenshotting techniques we’ve discussed. Take advantage of the power at your fingertips and make the most out of your Galaxy S7 experience.

Remember, at Galaxy Store, we are committed to providing you with helpful guides and tips to enhance your smartphone experience. Stay tuned for more exciting content designed to unleash the full potential of your Galaxy devices. Happy screenshotting!

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